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Welcome to Test-Kit-
When it comes to finding answers to questions and getting results. Test-Kit is number one. No other diagnostic laboratory is faster, more reliable and accurate. Choose Test-Kit.

Mission -
The mission of Test-Kit is to contribute to the improvement of health care through the supply of special diagnostic tests that can make a difference in the well-being and survival of patients.

To accomplish this, Test-Kit strategic intent is to improve the performance of existing products, to grow core business activities into new customer segments and geographies and to expand products and services. Furthermore, Test-Kit is committed to offer customers business solutions backed by leading brands, supported by exceptional service, solid relationships and attention to detail.

Our Test-Kit Products-
• Drug test
• Pregnancy test
• Fertility/Ovulation Test
• HIV test
• Syphilis test
• Malaria Pf/PAN (pLDH)
• Malaria Pf test

Contacts -
Do you have a specific requirement you'd like to discuss, or even just a general question or comment? If so, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Office number: +27 (0) 21 931 0096
Mobile: +27 (0) 83 582 4496


Office hours: Monday - Friday 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
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There are important factors to consider when choosing a kit:
Feasible: No professional lab staff required.
Easy to Perform: Little technical training required. few steps.
Easy to Interpret: Visual interpretation of results, rapid 5-30 minutes.
Easy to store: Storage at room temperature for up to two years.
Accuracy: High sensitivity, High specificity and High reprocibility

Consider this: Testing yourself can be an intimate and overwhelming experience. Choose Test-Kit because we are trusted both locally and internationally
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