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- hCG pregnancy midstream urine test kit
- hCG pregnancy cassette urine test kit
- Malaria pf whole blood test kit
- Malaria pf/PAN (pLDH) whole blood test kit
Drugs of abuse (urine test kit)  
- Urine 5-panel multi-drug test
- Urine amphetamine (speed) test strip
- Urine cocaine test strip
- Urine heroin / morphine test strip
- Urine methamphetamine (tik) test strip
- Urine methaqualone (mandrax) test strip
- Urine Methylenedioxymethamphetamine/Ectasy test strip
- Urine THC (marijuana) test strip
- HIV 1/2 whole blood/serum/plasma test kit
- LH ovulation/fertility urine test kit
- Syphilis Ab whole blood/serum/plasma test kit

Terms and conditions:
- Price list excludes packaging for single test units, but includes unbranded packaging for kits of 25 tests/box .
- Test Kit (Pty) Ltd products are ISO 13485 accredited and manufactured accordingly
- Payment terms are 100% in advance.
- All prices are for quantities less than 25 000 units, ex-VAT and ex-works.
- Discounts will be offered on a quotation basis for quantities more than 25 000 units.
- Test Kit (pty) Ltd will replace free of charge any products found to be defective by our laboratory
- All returned defective products will be replaced.
- This is the sole extent of our liability for defective products, and we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequential loss or damage of product.

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